Our customers only have the nicest things to say about our esquisite products...

Word of Mouth

I was recently in the Niagara region of Ontario and purchased a box of your Flats rosemary almond cranberry crackers. They are quite possibly the best crackers I have ever tasted.

Christopher S.
London, Ontario

Hi – I just stayed at the Fairmont in Lake Louise and fell in love with your flats that were served on the lunch buffet. I MUST HAVE MORE! I live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and was wondering if you sell to anyone in my area or south Florida? My friends on our Taulk tour would like to but them also. I hope you can help us. They are the best crackers I ever had!

Thank you,
Laurie M.
Palm Beach Florida

Hello, I just wanted to say how much I love your product. I have hooked my family and friends onto your cookies. My fiancé and I especially adore the Midnight Magic & the Apple Temptation.

Keep up the great work!
Diana Z.

Thanks so much for creating a yummy cookie that is also healthy to eat. I don’t feel the same guilt anymore when I bite into your delicious creations!! I am not a vegan, nor am I a vegetarian, but I do try to eat healthy foods, and your cookies are the bee’s knees!

I’m a convert … and an addict, too :)

Maureen M.
Calgary, AB

Hello – I recently bought your Chili Mango & Flax Flats at Whole Foods in Vancouver. I’ve had the popular competitors crackers many times and my first thought when I saw yours was that your company was just doing a knock off. When I saw the flavour of mango and chili though it sounded divine and after checking out your ingredient list I was impressed as it was clear that Pure had pride in the quality and health of the product. So, I gave it a try and of course they are long gone. I think they lasted a day? My husband loved them at first bite as well. So congratulations on an excellent cracker with innovative taste – I only wish now that I’d bought one of each flavor.

Thank you again for taking pride and offering healthful treats for those of us who care about what we eat :)

Jolaine W

I just wanted to say Thank you for your amazing cookies. I have now tried two of the three offerings of the gluten free cookies…. and I have not been disappointed. They were amazing. You have a great product that doesn’t compromise on taste or quality. Keep up the good work.

Stacey J.

Dear Customer Service,

I have a serious complaint about your products, especially the Cocoa Overdose and Chocolate Trip cookies. It is because of your cookies that I am continuing to gain weight despite running three times a week. Unfortunately, the cookies are simply too good to resist and are highly addictive. Please stop making them or make them less delicious.

Best Regards,
Shane K

Hello, I have tried your sweet potato vegan cookies for the first time yesterday and they are amazing!

Nadia C.